Weight fluctuation, the effects of pregnancies, gravity, genetics and the aging process cause skin within the abdominal area to lose elasticity and the abdominal muscles to shift from their original position. An abdominoplasty, or more commonly referred to as a tummy tuck, removes excess and loose skin around the abdomen area while also tightening the abdominal wall. The result? A slimmer waistline and flatter abdomen!

And Liposuction?

If needed, to achieve the best results possible, our experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Moore may suggest liposuction to remove access fat and further sculpt and define the waistline. A liposuction and tummy tuck surgery are two of the most popular procedures to improve the appearance of the abdomen. The best way to determine if you should have one procedure over the other or both procedures combined, would be to discuss these concerns with Dr. Moore during a scheduled consultation.

Mini Tuck! 

Not everyone needs a full tummy tuck; some patients may benefit from a “mini-tuck,” which is a procedure very similar to a tummy tuck, but it tightens the skin and removes excess skin and tissue below the umbilicus. This procedure is ideal for someone who is at a healthy weight but has a small “pooch” or FUPA (Fatty Upper Pelvic Area) from a c-section, pregnancy, certain abdominal surgeries, or rapid weight loss. Women in particular know this problem as the fold-over skin/fat pocket that is almost impossible to address with diet and exercise.

The incision for a mini tuck is smaller than a full tummy tuck and is typically very successful at removing the stubborn fold over pooch. Dr. Moore can talk to you about which procedure may be right for you and the risks and benefits of each one in your one-on-one consultation.


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