The photofacial is a skincare solution designed to leave you with plumper skin and an overall more youthful appearance. With a couple options to choose from, LED and IPL, our team can help you find the best solution to your needs.

What is a photofacial?

The photofacial is a light based, non-invasive technique used to treat some of today’s most common skin complaints. This includes sagging skin, brown spots, and broken capillaries. Each of these issues are a natural part of aging and cause you to lose your youthful, bright appearance.

Photofacials rely on IPL – intense pulsed light – to deliver a concentrated blast of light to your problem areas through a handheld targeting device. Other options for the photofacial is LED (light emitting diode). Much like the LEDs you see in phones and televisions, this technique is energy efficient and more gentle. It’s a better option for people looking for acne treatment or to boost collagen.

What are the benefits of photofacials?

Both the LED and IPL photofacial processes are completely non-invasive. This means that you don’t have to be put under anesthesia or have your skin cut into like you would other procedures. They’re a great option for people who are seeking a youthful appearance and plumper, less saggy skin, who don’t want to go under the knife.

This simple procedure will leave you with plumper skin, less brown spots, and fewer broken capillaries (this means less redness). The LED photofacial treatment is perfect for the man or woman who is looking to improve their skin’s collagen production (resulting in firmer skin) and for a solution to acne that is truly long-term. These photofacials are cool and do not come with the risk of the burning sensation or redness, and do not require any pre-treatment preparation. The treatment is so gentle, you will require zero downtime after the procedure.

IPL and LED photofacials usually require several half-hour treatments. Both are much more affordable than traditional invasive procedures and work well with your skincare routine. Our team will help map out a treatment plan that works for your needs and can also help you choose a skincare routine that will complement the procedure and your lifestyle.

Are there disadvantages to photofacials?

Depending on your skin type and your needs, a photofacial might not be for you; our skin care can help determine this. Some of the most common complaints with IPL photofacial treatments is a burning sensation, followed by redness. Depending on the extent of the redness, you might need a couple of days to rest and recuperate.

Because LED photofacials are so gentle, they might take several more treatments than the IPL. If you’re looking for more immediate results, LED might not be the option for you.

Choosing the best solution to your skincare needs will depend heavily on your skin type and what the doctor deems necessary. If you’ve been searching for a solution that will make you feel younger and leave you with brighter skin, contact Azalea Center, we’ll be glad to answer your questions!