Is It Time to Have Your Implants Replaced?

Is It Time to Have Your Implants Replaced?

While breast implants can normally last anywhere from 10-20 years, sometimes there are complications requiring them to be replaced sooner. In this article we’ll go over some of the top reasons why you might get your implants replaced early.

Pain or Discomfort from Breast Implants
Several different issues could cause you to experience pain or discomfort from your implants, and they are almost always a reason to have an implant revision. Pain or discomfort could be caused by capsular contracture, ruptured or leaking implant, or developing seroma. Even if your pain is not because of any of these reasons, if it interrupts your daily life, it’s still worth having an implant revision.

Ruptured Breast Implant
Breast implants can rupture because of abrupt or intense physical pressure, like in a car accident, or the implant shell weakening over time. This causes the affected breast to rupture. While this is not a life-threatening emergency, you should have the damaged implant replaced to prevent an infection or excessive scar tissue. The sooner the implant is replaced often makes the surgery and recovery easier.

Bottomed Out Breast Implant

When your breast implant falls below your breast crease, this is called “bottoming out,” and it can be
common with larger implants. Post-surgery pregnancies or aging can also cause an implant to bottom
out. When an implant “bottoms out,” the nipples move upward even as the implants fall lower. The
effect of a bottomed out implant can affect your body image and is not the result you had in mind when
you had a breast augmentation, which means it’s worth having an implant revision.

Moving or Rotating Breast Implant
While your implants may settle into a different position over time, they should not move dramatically.
This can be caused by a variety of things and is a very valid reason to have your breast implants replaced
a little early.

Breast Implant Has Changed Shape

A breast implant can change shape if it ruptures, moves, or bottoms out, and these changes usually only
affect one side, causing asymmetry. While this isn’t a medical emergency, this asymmetry can affect
your self-esteem and make it difficult to find clothes and bras that fit.

Capsular Contracture from Breast Implant
Capsular contracture is when your body creates more scar tissue than normal around your new breast
implant. There are certain grades of capsular contracture that may cause your breasts to be hard, misshapen, overly round, and unnatural. Surgical treatment involves removing or releasing the capsule and often replacing the implant.

Recalled Breast Implant

Some types of breast implants have been recalled by the FDA. Most recently, the Biocell textured breast implants because it was linked to a rare cancer. If you are wondering if your implant is on a recall list, this article offers a helpful list:

Unhappy with Your Breast Implant Size

It can be hard to know what size implant is best for you prior to having breast augmentation surgery. After living with your implants, you might wish you had gotten either a smaller or larger implant. If this is the case, you can choose to have a breast implant revision to fix the issue.

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