Facial Plastic Surgery

A facelift helps refresh the face and combat signs of facial aging. Multiple factors take their toll on the skin as we age; the effects of gravity, exposure to the sun, smoking, and stress can be seen on our faces. Typical signs of aging include: deep creases, loose or sagging skin, folds and fat deposits around the neck, and the formation of jowls on the cheeks and jawline. While a facelift cannot stop the process of aging, the procedure can give women and men a refreshed, rested and younger appearance by removing excess skin and fat and repositioning or tightening the facial tissue, revealing a patient’s natural facial contours. Dr. Bridgett Moore and the team at Azalea Center for Plastic surgery preforms face lifts at our outpatient surgery center in Valdosta for women in Tifton, Valdosta, Douglas, Adel, Moultrie, Albany and across south Georgia. Many times, post op visits are available in our satellite office in Tifton, Georgia. 

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