Breast Augmentation – Bigger is Not Always Better!

Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation… Celebrities and other people you may see on E! Network’s hit show, “Botched,” make it seem as if when you go in for this surgery, you either “go big or go home!” However, that is untrue. We live in the real world; some of us may just want a natural-looking breast lift that isn’t outrageous and ginormous. Or maybe we want a little work done that doesn’t cause necks to break because the change is so noticeable. Dr. Bridgett Moore will work with you to reach your individual goals – whether that be to enhance the size, shape, volume and/or appearance of your breasts. Here are some advantages of breast augmentations:

  • A woman is able to wear clothing of her choice again
  • Breasts that have lost volume due to pregnancy and breast feeding can be restored
  • A breast that is significantly smaller, when compared to the other, because it never fully developed can be made larger or more full
  • Breasts that sag due to aging or drastic weight loss can be moderately lifted
  • Increased self-confidence and improvement of the appearance of the breasts

When it comes to breast augmentation, there are numerous options. There are four types of incisions and the implants themselves come in multiple different sizes, shapes and styles. Dr. Moore will work with you to provide the best options suited for your body type and your targeted appearance. The best candidates for breast augmentation are women who are seeking improvement but not necessarily perfection in their appearance. If this seems like a procedure that you are interested in, click here to find out more information about the procedure and SEE BEFORE AND AFTER PICTURES OF OUR PATIENTS’ RESULTS.

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