Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift is procedure designed to augment the size and shape of the buttocks without implants, but through a specialized fat transfer. Using liposuction, excessive amounts of fat are removed from unwanted places and then strategically injected into the buttocks. Fat can be removed via liposuction from areas on the body, such as: the abdomen, thighs, hips, or lower back. Dr. Bridgett Moore, our board-certified plastic surgeon at Azalea Center, can improve the portions of a patient’s lower body by helping the patient lose fat in a common problem area and enhancing the buttocks, revealing lasting results.

Genetics plays a large role in the shape and proportion of our bodies – both our skeletal structure and how or where our bodies store fat. Exercise and eating healthy can work to keep a slim figure and toned muscles. Despite these things, many patients are still displeased with a “flat” backside, or with a buttocks that lacks shape. A Brazilian butt lift can give you what genetics nor toning exercises did not. Patients who consider Brazilian butt lifts do so in order to:

  • Improve the curves of their lower body
  • Remove stored fat pockets on thighs, hips, or stomach
  • Add fullness to their buttocks
  • Help their clothing fit better
  • Enhance their overall proportions by improving the balance of their upper and lower torsos

Ideal Candidates for a Brazilian Butt Lift

This procedure is a great solution for improving the shape and size of a patient’s buttocks. Certain patients are better suited for the surgery and it is important to set realistic expectations beforehand. Patients are likely to be ideal candidates for a BBL if they:

  • Desire a buttock augmentation without implants
  • Have adequate fat stored in other areas that would provide fat for the injection into the buttocks
  • Have flat or saggy buttocks due to aging or significant weight loss
  • Have different sized or shaped buttocks
  • Have an overall unproportioned body contour due to small or “flat” buttocks

If you have noticed that your buttocks lack fullness or is flatter than you’d like, Brazilian butt lift with fat grafting may be just the thing to give you the you butt shape you desire. Our patients typically feel BBL results enhance their shape in clothes as well as in bathing suits and without clothes.

Details of the Procedure

The BBL procedure is relatively simple and involves three steps. First, fat is removed from the undesirable area through the liposuction technique. Then, the extracted fat is prepared for the transfer by being purified. Lastly, Dr. Moore injects the fat into certain points on the buttocks to increase the volume and enhance the shape of the patient’s buttocks. It is important to note that it can be typical for the fat tissue to not to adjust well within its new environment. Dr. Moore takes this into consideration by inserting a slightly larger amount of fat into the buttocks to ensure the patient’s goals are met.


The recovery from a BBL procedure is a little more complicated than other plastic surgery procedures. Patients are not allowed to sit or lie directly on their buttocks for about a two-week period post-surgery. Patients are encouraged to sleep on their stomachs or sides. When Dr. Moore feels that the patient is ready, she will ask that the patient sit in a modified position using a “donut” seat or by placing pillows under your thighs, while siting, to avoid pressure on the buttocks. Pain and discomfort can be controlled by medication. About eight weeks after surgery, the patient can sit normally. Brazilian butt lift surgeries are meant to be long-lasting. However, significant weight fluctuations can affect the results. It is important to remain at a stable weight for beautiful, lasting results.

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