Asymmetrical Breasts – More Common Than You Might Think!

Asymmetrical Breasts

Breast asymmetry is actually a common concern among most women. One study shows that 65% women have some mild asymmetry in their breasts. Breast sizes and volumes fluctuate throughout a woman’s life – like when going through puberty, a pregnancy, or breast feeding. Now, I know what you’re thinking… “My asymmetry isn’t mild by any means…” or “Mild?! Mine are two different cup sizes, to say the least!” You aren’t alone and you have options! If you are seeking to correct any breast asymmetry, there are three procedures: augmentation, reduction, and/or a lift. 

Breast Augmentation: This method involves increasing the size of a breast or both breasts to match in size or shape. Dr. Bridgett Moore will work with you to find an implant that is most suitable for your body – whether that be silicone or saline or round or teardrop-shaped. 

Breast Reduction: With this method, Dr. Bridgett Moore will remove tissue in the larger breast to achieve a more symmetrical look. 

Breast Lift: If your breasts are asymmetrical in the sense that one excessively sags lower than the other, the best option may be a breast lift. This process involves removing unnecessary skin, tightening the sagging tissue and supporting the new breast contour. 

These treatments were designed to help you feel more comfortable with your body and that is one of our surgeon’s goals, as well. Want picture proof? Click here to see results patients have received at Azalea Plastic Surgery Center! Put away the padded bras or “chicken cutlets,” it’s time for real results. Call Azalea today!

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